A Message from NC Families United

November 22, 2016


In observation of recent events relating to the presidential and gubernatorial elections and the outcomes, we would like to inform families and youth that NC Families United will continue to advocate for policy change and provide support as best we can in hopes of diminishing the overwhelming anxiety and fear some may have regarding the future.  
NC Families United continues to stand behind our organization vision: Children/Youth with serious emotional, behavior and/or mental health challenges and their families will have a family driven, child focused System of Care to ensure their independence, safety, happiness and success in their homes, schools, and their communities.
NC Families United will be preparing to reach out to all stakeholders and be an active participant in the event of federal or state funding shifts which will affect the well-being of families and youth.  The areas we are watching closely and will continue to be involved with as potential cuts may happen are education, cultural diversity, health care disparities, mental health services and other community services available that families/youth utilizes.
While our organization does not know how the impact of the presidential or gubernatorial transitions will affect the overall well-being of families and youth, we are prepared to strengthen our stronghold with our state leaders as well as our communities’ partners in the protection of the families and youth we serve.
We urge you to continue to reach out to us and share your stories, your concerns, and your fears so that we can present a united front in our commitment to minimizing harmful effects for families and youth with mental health challenges.
Gail M. Cormier
Executive Director, NC Families United



See a Child and Family Team Meeting in Action

Preparation: Family In-Home Meeting

The Meeting:  Family and Child Team Planning Meeting

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North Carolina Families United is the Statewide Family Network and the state chapter of the National Federation of Families

NC Families United is a family support and advocacy organization. It’s mission is to:

Link families to State and community partners for the purpose of improving the lives of children, youth, and families with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs;

Focus active attention on the unique strengths and needs of these children and their families by educating and advising policy makers, service providers, other advocacy organizations;

Actively promote policies and procedures that serve the best interests of these children, youth, and their families through work with State and local officials;

Actively promote, model and adhere to the values and principles of System of Care.

Services available for North Carolina families, family organizations, system of care sites, and family partners

Families United can help link families to services in their home communities that include mental health, physical health, social services, and educational needs.

Families United can work with local community family organizations to provide organizational 501c3 mentorship, linkage to nonprofit small business associations, support and help with local grant development to help grow and nurture local family organizations.

Families United works with System of Care grantees to help bring Family Driven Technical Assistance to the funded project. We can help you construct your grant with family driven input.

Families United mentors and supports all North Carolina Family Partners. We encourage all Family Partners to join our bi-monthly group to discuss and develop the position of Family Partner. All Family Partners from all systems and agencies are welcome to join our group. NC Families United supports ALL Family Partners.

Families United mentors youth during the transition period into adulthood. We can provide one on one mentorship for youth struggling with mental health issues get through school and into adulthood as contributing members of the community.

Families United host our annual Youth Leadership Series. We train leaders of tomorrow today. If you are a youth ages 14-21 who has struggled with mental health issues and you want your voice heard, join our leadership group.

Youth who have had mental health or behavioral challenges are encouraged to join Youth Move NC. Youth Move NC is NC Families United’s statewide youth leadership group.

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