On May 17, 2015 NC Families United will have a fundraiser at Lake Mackintosh in Burlington, NC.  There will be games for the children, food and of course, the Rubber Ducky Derby.  The Duck Race 1st place winner will receive a $3,000 prize, the 2nd place winner will receive a $1,500 vacation prize, and the 3rd place winner will receive a $500 prize.

A duck race involves numbering a group of rubber ducks and then selling them like raffle tickets. So people can buy as many ‘ducks’ as they like to increase their chance of winning, much like they would do in a raffle draw. Once all the ducks have been sold they are released into Lake Mackintosh and the first one to arrive at the finish line is the winner of First Place $3000.00, Second Place is $1500 Travel package that you design, Third place is $500.00. So get your ducks today, tell your friends about the race and most of all, come out to the lake on Race Day and cheer your Rubby Duckies across the finish line! http://www.gofundme.com/rubberducky or call the office at 336-395-8828 and one of our associates will help you get your ducks

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sign206 East Elm St., Graham, NC 27253  Stop by and see us! NORTH CAROLINA FAMILIES UNITED

North Carolina Families United is the Statewide Family Network and the state chapter of the National Federation of Families

NC Families United is a family support and advocacy organization. It’s mission is to:

Link families to State and community partners for the purpose of improving the lives of children, youth, and families with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs;

Focus active attention on the unique strengths and needs of these children and their families by educating and advising policy makers, service providers, other advocacy organizations;

Actively promote policies and procedures that serve the best interests of these children, youth, and their families through work with State and local officials;

Actively promote, model and adhere to the values and principles of System of Care.

Services available for North Carolina families, family organizations, system of care sites, and family partners

Families United can help link families to services in their home communities that include mental health, physical health, social services, and educational needs.

Families United can work with local community family organizations to provide organizational 501c3 mentorship, linkage to nonprofit small business associations, support and help with local grant development to help grow and nurture local family organizations.

Families United works with System of Care grantees to help bring Family Driven Technical Assistance to the funded project. We can help you construct your grant with family driven input.

Families United mentors and supports all North Carolina Family Partners. We encourage all Family Partners to join our bi-monthly group to discuss and develop the position of Family Partner. All Family Partners from all systems and agencies are welcome to join our group. NC Families United supports ALL Family Partners.

Families United mentors youth during the transition period into adulthood. We can provide one on one mentorship for youth struggling with mental health issues get through school and into adulthood as contributing members of the community.

Families United host our annual Youth Leadership Series. We train leaders of tomorrow today. If you are a youth ages 14-21 who has struggled with mental health issues and you want your voice heard, join our leadership group.

Youth who have had mental health or behavioral challenges are encouraged to join Youth Move NC. Youth Move NC is NC Families United’s statewide youth leadership group.