State Vision for System MH/I-DD/SUD Transformation to Whole Person Care

Name: Stacy Justiss
Organization: NC Families United
Title: Associate Director
Presentation: State Vision for System MH/I-DD/SUD Transformation to Whole Person Care
Presenter: KODY H. KINSLEY, Deputy Secretary for Behavioral Health & Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at DHHS
The “Vision for the Divisions” presentation offered participants the opportunity to hear NC DHHS’s vision relating to the transformation of the public health and human services systems to achieve a Whole Person Care approach. Mr. Kinsley indicated that the key steps to achieving this is integrating systems across divisions creating a system that is intuitive and focused on Whole Person Care. He discussed with participants the initiatives and project policies that would assist in achieving this vision such as: Medicaid Transformation: changing to a fee for service; Development of the Opioid Action Plan: increasing and expanding SUD services and Medicaid expansion; Healthcare System; Transition to Community Living; DSS involved families: creating a child service array and DJJ involved populations. He also discussed the infrastructure that would be needed 1) Lead by determining with data best policies and practices. 2) Design an integrated delivery system across multiple payers and populations. 3) Right size our regulation to ensure safeguards and system adequacy – but spur innovation. 4) Expand reach through partners in the public and private sector and 5) Optimize our Operations. He stated that the goal of the division is to present a comprehensive spend plan to community members, partners, LME/MCOs for review, feedback, and finalization by end of February 2019. Mr. Kinsley left participants with three things to remember: 1) Whole Person, Integrated Care 2) Lead behavioral health public policy across all payers and partners 3) Optimize – adhere to our identity – drive efficiency – reinvest in what matters – insight innovation.
Attending this session provided me the opportunity to hear the vision, direction and process NC DHHS is taking in regards to the transformation of the public health and human services systems. I applauded the division for their intention of ensuring a smooth process is in place by the implementation date of November 1, 2019. Mr. Kinsley stated that anyone seeing services Nov. 1st or after will still be able to access them even if the insurance isn’t confirmed. As we all move forward into systems transformation, I will take the information provided and educate the State Leaders on current best practices such as System of Care (SOC) and the use of Family and Youth Partners to ensure whatever system is develop is family driven and youth guided.

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