Proclamation by the Govenor of NC, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week May 6-10, 2019

May 6 – 10, 2019



WHEREAS, to promote awareness of positive mental health, well-being and development for all children, youth and young adults ages birth through 26 years in North Carolina;
WHEREAS it is appropriate that a special week should be set apart each year for the direction of our thoughts toward our children’s mental health, well-being and life;
WHEREAS, 44 children under the age of 18 in the state of North Carolina died by suicide and that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in our state, and is true for 10-26-year olds in our nation;
WHEREAS; suicidal thoughts most commonly occur in children who have experienced trauma, have anxiety, depression or other mental illness symptoms;
WHEREAS; children who are bullied, negative social media experience, sexual orientation, race and economic factors also contribute to the rising rates of suicide in our state and our county;

WHEREAS, families shall not feel stigma and shame to seek treatment for their children and youth and be able to discuss openly their need for help without public retribution.
WHEREAS, all citizens must take seriously a child’s intent to harm oneself, suicide statements made by a child to hurt or kill themselves must be thought of as real and a crisis event, utilizing the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 when needed;

WHEREAS, available school-based programs, community supports and protective factors such as a sense of belonging, making time for family meals and check-ins, and other positive social connections that destigmatizes mental health like Youth MOVE NC;

WHEREAS, children are recognized for having unique needs of resiliency, no person wants to end their life;

WHEREAS: effective mental health treatment services to strengthen families, youth leadership development and family partner/youth peer supports results in children and youth overcoming feelings of suicide and hopelessness;
WHEREAS, The state of North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper, North Carolina Families United, North Carolina Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council, NAMI-NC, the NC State Children’s Collaborative and the families and communities who have children, youth and young adults struggling with feelings of suicide issues join to recognized Children’s Mental Health Awareness week and safety.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Roy Cooper, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do hereby proclaim the week of May 6 -10, 2019, “CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK” in North Carolina, and commend its observance to our citizens.

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