The Gary Ander Making a Difference Award For Family-Driven Care

The Gary Ander Making a Difference Award
For Family-Driven Care

An annual award given throughout the state of North Carolina to a person who exemplify supporting and recognizing the importance of family voice in a Family-Driven System of Care environment .—Taking-Nominations—The-Gary-Ander-Award.html?soid=1124493504765&aid=P1RPhOBqHrI

The award will be given during the Children’s Mental Health Celebration Wednesday May 08, 2019 at the State Collaborative meeting.
Location: Governor Crime Commission Rm 100
1201 Front Street, Raleigh,
NC 27609.

Time: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

If you know of a family member, youth or agency person who lives, sleeps and breaths family –driven System of CARE…submit your nomination! This person exemplifies what it is to understand and listen to family voice and choice at all levels that include policy, committees and direct service.

Family-driven means families have a primary decision-making role in the care of their own children as well as the policies and procedures governing care for all children in their community, state, tribe, territory and nation.

This means if you know of a provider, agency person, state or local individual that believes in working side by side as equal partners with families they serve, or with families in developing policies that includes:
Choosing culturally and linguistically competent supports, services, and providers; Setting goals; Designing, implementing and evaluating programs; Monitoring outcomes; and Partnering in funding decisions.

Nominate Them Now!
Please send in the following information:
Name and contact information of Nominee.
Your Name
An example of their family driven commitment. [History of their work.]

Nominations must be received by 12 noon on April 30,2019.
Please email your nominee to: Renee Cordero at

Past Recipients of the Annual Gary Ander Award: 

2019 LeJay Parker, LCSW; Policy Consultant, Behavioral Health Unit, Division of Health Benefits, NC Medicaid, NC Department of Health and Human Services

2018 Karen Reaves, SOC Coordinator Trillium Health Resources

2017 Beth Pfister-Cardinal Innovations- Corporate System of Care Manager

2016 Joan Pennell- NC State University- Director of the Center for Family and
Community Engagement

2015 Narell Joyner- MeckCARES State Liaison and SOC Consultant
Mecklenburg County

2014 William (Bill) Hussey- Wake County-‎State Director of Exceptional
Children Services at NC Department of Public Instruction

2013 Ed Eklund- System of Care Coordinator at Centerpoint Forsyth County

2012 Christina Christopoulos- Duke University-Center for Child and Family

2012 The First Annual Gary Ander Award presented to Gary Ander-
SOC Project Director-Alamance County

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