Cultural and Linguistic Competence

                      Cultural and Linguistic Competence is the ability to understand, appreciate, and effectively interact with persons whose language, culture, and/or belief systems differ from one’s own (Modified from Segen’s Medical Dictionary).


What is your Cultural and

Linguistic Competency IQ?



Cultural and Linguistic Competency Online Training Modules


Training Module 1: Individual Cultural and Linguistic Competence Define your identity Define cultural and linguistic competence Identify strategies to increase individual cultural & linguistic competency


Training Module 2: Organizational Cultural and Linguistic Competence Determine where your organization is on the cultural and linguistic        competence continuum Identify how employees can become more culturally and linguistically      competent


Access these FREE 1-Hour Modules by registering and/or login to the NC Collaborative Training Institute Website (

Training certificates can be downloaded,

upon completion of each modules’ evaluation form


For questions, contact Dr. Teresa A. Smith at or

Linda Jones at

Modules developed through partnership between the Alamance Alliance for Children and Families and the North Carolina Collaborative for Children, Youth and Families (State Collaborative).

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