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In order to improve outcomes for positive family success and to prove the value of peer support the following definition and job descriptions have been developed.

Recommended Definition for Family Partners by Family Partners

Adopted Thursday May 22, 2008

Definition of who is a Family Partner:

Since January 2008, North Carolina Families United, NFFCMH has facilitated Family Partner Development meetings. All Family Partners who have participated in NC System of Care trainings across the state and who work within the values and principles of the System of Care philosophy were invited to participate in the development meetings. In order to insure consistency and validation of the profession a statewide recommended job description was developed and adopted by attendees. It should be noted that the definition of Family Partner Coordinator and Family Partner is defined as a caregiver/parent of someone who has received services and therefore has firsthand experience within the child and family system, or who has gone through the system themselves. The authors of this document recognize the legitimacy and value of many individuals who have not had firsthand experience within their own personal lives who are working with families and advocating for families in a similar fashion. In order to emphasize the belief that family firsthand experience is the best practice in helping other families navigate the system and to clarify any miscommunication of the title Family Partner Coordinator and Family Partner it is strongly recommended that other individuals doing the same work are recognized yet hold a title of Family Advocate, Family Support Partner or other title their organization deems appropriate. This process will allow families the opportunity to choose the people who best meet their needs.


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