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In The News

“On November 15, North Carolina Families United and Youth MOVE North Carolina were featured on the Spectrum News show “In Focus With Loretta Boniti”. In their interview with Ms. Boniti, Youth Transition Director Lacy Flintall and Youth Coordinator Kyle Reece were asked about youth and families facing mental health challenges in North Carolina, and to what measures their organizations take to assist youth and families facing these difficulties during the pandemic. Mr. Flintall and Mr. Reece spoke about the great work NC Families United and Youth Move NC does to ensure youth and family voices are heard and represented throughout the organizations, and how they offer peer support to youth and families who face mental and behavioral health challenges. They also  gave  messages of hope and encouragement to families and youth facing these challenges, and offered support through NC Families United and Youth Move NC.You can watch the segment by clicking on the link below!”

Newsletter- November 2020, Volume 2

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Racism Is A Public Health Crisis

Official statement from the NC Families United Board of Directors to be released today, June 4, 2020.

 NC Families United Board of Directors recognizes that for all children in our state to have a trauma-free, mentally healthy life, they must feel safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods. For this to happen, we need to create an environment that supports and openly recognizes that a dialog about race and culture change must happen in our state immediately.

NC Families United stands in solidarity with the Black community against systemic racism and oppression experience every day in our state and in our nation.

We owe it to our Black staff, and the black children, youth, and families we serve and the community we live in to demand change and accountability.  To be silent is to be complicit. We ask all our NC Families United members and staff to support the culture change that needs to happen and to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. That all are treated equally, fairly, and respectfully.

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