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September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

“September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and North Carolina Families United is encouraging all of our partners across the state to join in the fight to help prevent suicide.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 47,500 Americans die by suicide every year. Read that again. Upsetting, right?

One way you can help lower this statistic is to talk about it. Having open conversations about mental health and emotional struggles helps reduce the stigma – which is what prevents
a lot of people from seeking the help they need.”

Statement on Naomi Osaka

“On Sunday, May 31st, Japanese Tennis pro Naomi Osaka left the French Open, citing Mental Health reasons. We would like to take the time to applaud Ms. Osaka for her bravery and her self-awareness in this decision. Ms. Osaka is a 23-year-old superstar who has won countless Tennis Titles, including the U.S. Open twice in the past 4 years. Despite her immensely impressive resume, as well as her incredible talent, it is her bravery and self-awareness that we are admired by. It is important that all people, both young and old, in any profession or work environment, remember to put mental health before anything else. No matter the circumstances, and despite any amount of pressure, by recognizing her own limits and her state of mental wellbeing, Ms. Osaka did the most important, and incredible thing she could. In a time where professional athletes are heavily scrutinized for their advocacy and for voicing their opinions, we believe that Ms. Osaka spoke louder than words with her decision and can be a role model for us all. If you or someone you know ever feels that their state of mental health is being affected by work or personal life, we encourage you to take time for yourself, and focus on your mental health care. Please feel free to reach out to us for advice or help seeking mental health care, or follow our Facebook page to learn helpful coping strategies and resources. Thank you, Ms. Osaka, for being brave and focusing on your mental health!”

This month marks 100 Years since the Tulsa Race Massacre. We at North Carolina Families United strive to continue to fight for Racial Equity and Social Justice. As an organization that has Black leadership, we recognize the importance of diversity and we strive to continue to rebuild what Black Wall Street once was. It is our goal to be a more diverse organization and to include people of color at all levels of leadership.

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In Focus With Loretta Boniti

On November 15, North Carolina Families United and Youth MOVE North Carolina were featured on the Spectrum News show “In Focus With Loretta Boniti”. In their interview with Ms. Boniti, Youth Transition Director Lacy Flintall and Youth Coordinator Kyle Reece were asked about youth and families facing mental health challenges in North Carolina, and what measures their organizations take to assist youth and families facing these difficulties during the pandemic. Mr. Flintall and Mr. Reece spoke about the great work NC Families United and Youth Move NC does to ensure youth and family voices are heard and represented throughout the organizations, and how they offer peer support to youth and families who face mental and behavioral health challenges. They also gave messages of hope and encouragement to families and youth facing these challenges and offered support through NC Families United and Youth Move NC. You can watch the segment by clicking on the link below!”


Newsletter- November 2020, Volume 2

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Official Statements

January 12, 2021, Capitol Riot-Board of Directors Public Statement January 2021

June 4, 2020 Racism Is a Public Health Crisis  Click To Read Our Public Statement

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