North Carolina Families United Youth Leadership Series:

North Carolina Families United hosts a Leadership series geared to youth/young adults ages 15-21 who have struggled with mental health, and substance issues including trauma-based experiences. The leadership series unites the voices of traditional and non-traditional leaders with lived experiences in various systems including mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare.

There is no experience or qualifications needed; only that you are interested in becoming a leader, are dependable, and are willing to attend required meetings. Some topics and activities include: A Ropes Challenge, Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution, Advocacy for Self and Others, Positive Relationships, Cultural Diversity, How to Use Resources and Job Skills. Participants also receive training on How to Choose a Provider and W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), which teaches participants recovery and self-management skills, as well as strategies for dealing with mental health within the context of work, school, and their everyday lives. In 2003, The University of North Carolina in Charlotte, Institute on Self Advocacy recognized the Mental Health Youth Leadership Series as a 2003 National Exemplar model for supporting young adults to effect change in systems.

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