April 2020 Family Partner Coordinator Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 1 

Topics covered in Vol. 1, Issue 1: 

1. What is a Family Partner

2. Primary Functions of a Family Partner

3. What is System of Care [SOC]

4. System of Care Core Values

5. Child and Family Teams


UPDATE: 2/3/19 Medicaid Transformation Update

Information Sharing from Dave Richards <<Click link to read the latest news relating to Medicaid Transformation.

Workforce Development/Advocacy group at a glace: State Building Bridges Initiative training at Wake Tech Community College



UPDATE: 2/15/19

Connecting with LGBTQ + YOUTH 

News + Record Staff
A program called the Family Acceptance Project aims to help ethnically and religiously diverse families support their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) children in the context of their family, culture and faith communities. The program, which is the first of its kind in North Carolina, is made possible by a grant given by Cardinal Innovations, a managed care organization in North Carolina, to North Carolina Families United, a non-profit that focuses on the mental health of children. (MORE)


 Recipients of the Annual Gary Ander Award

2020 No recipient due to the Pandemic [COVID-19]

2019 LeJay Parker, MSW, LCSW; Children and Adolescent Services Coordinator, Division of Health Benefits

2018 Karen Reaves, MA, LPA, System of Care Coordinator Trillium Health Resources

2017 Beth Pfister-Cardinal Innovations- Corporate System of Care Manager
2016 Joan Pennell- NC State University- Director of the Center for Family and Community Engagement
2015 Narell Joyner- MeckCARES State Liaison and SOC Consultant Mecklenburg County
2014 William (Bill) Hussey- Wake County-‎State Director of Exceptional Children Services at NC Department of Public Instruction
2013 Ed Eklund- System of Care Coordinator at Centerpoint Forsyth County
2012 Christina Christopoulos- Duke University-Center for Child and Family Policy
2012 The First Annual Gary Ander Award presented to Gary Ander-SOC Project Director-Alamance County

LifeTime Achievement Award

2018 Terri Shelton

2016 Libby Jones

2015 Susan Robinson


NC Families United CONGRATULATES Stacy Justiss

Washington, DC – The Family-run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA) awards their first annual LEADERSHIP OF THE FUTURE AWARD to Stacy Justiss. Stacy has been a Family Partner Coordinator for NC Families United since 2013. Her ability to act as the Executive Director’s lead Family Partner Coordinator has brought her to the forefront of the state’s system of care community. Stacy has been a vital staff member for the family –run organization.

Stacy represents the family- run organization at important state level meetings in the executive director’s absence. She is a leader among her family colleagues and a point person for many family partner duties. It is understandable why the Executive Director of NC Families United has identified Stacy as a rising leader in the organization.
It is rare for an individual emerging family leader to display commitment, organizational skills, determination, intelligence and kindness. Her hard work and dedication makes her a role model for all in the field of Peer Support and Coordination for System of Care.



NC Families United Congratulates Frederick Douglas
Orlando Florida- Frederick Douglas, this year’s National Federation of Families ‘Jane Adams Award for Peer Support winner is a Nationally Certified Peer Support Partner from NC Families United’s System of Care team. Frederick Douglas is a Family Partner Coordinator located with Cardinal Innovations in Winston- Salem. Frederick represents true peer support. She lives her life holistically supporting her own family members, those she serves in her job in the Triad catchment, members of her church and the youth she supports at Youth Move Greensboro.
This year’s nominations for the Jane Adams award were from all over the United States and territories. The submissions exceeded all past years. Eligible candidates for this award must be nationally certified. This award is being presented to Frederick Douglas to honor and acknowledge her many accomplishments and contributions to peer support. As the field of nationally certified PSPs continues to grow, the Federation of Families wants to begin to recognize the many accomplishments of this highly trained workforce. Frederick Douglas exhibits excellence in the provision of support to families who are parenting children and youth experiencing behavioral health challenges.


NCFU and FREDLA staff attending the Family Acceptance Project in Detroit


Garron Rogers, Youth Transition Director-Johanna Bergan, Youth MOVE National Executive Director-Daniel Smith, Youth MOVE

USF Research & Policy Confe


January 29, 2017 in Chapel Hill


“Sharing the Journey: Lived Experiences Presentation” with Betsy Rhodes, R. Steven Bailey and Jaki Shelton Green 

Keynote Address, “Start Strong to Stay Strong: Early Intervention Makes Cents”, by Betty Rintoul, PhD

Distinguished Speaker, “New Directions in Service Delivery: From Birth to Adulthood”, by Leza Wainwright, CEO Trillium Health Resources





 N.C. DHHS Encourages MMR Vaccination in the Midst of Multi-State Measles Outbreak





bradCertified Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Brad Biggerstaff


What a great day this was for NC Families United and Youth Move.
Our young adults were amazing today.
Thank you Veronica Arias, Cam, Trey, Megan and Brad Biggerstaff.
Brad you were a great representative.






On August 21st, Gail Cormier, Executive Director of NC Families United, 209 B North Graham-Hopedale Road, Burlington, NC, was invited to visit the Whitehouse. Cormier was one of twenty Executive Directors from across the country representing statewide family organizations of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health invited to the Whitehouse in Washington, D.C., for a briefing on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on children’s mental health. Cormier was able to represent the state of North Carolina and ask questions on behalf of North Carolina families about the Affordable Care Act and its policies about mental health treatment of children in the state. Cormier also provided data and updates to senior Whitehouse staff of model programs in the state that support families, youth and children for reference. One outstanding model: Alamance Alliance for Children and Families’ System of Care model was presented to the group of senior Whitehouse officials.

The primary speakers were Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Christen Linke-Young, Director of Coverage Policy in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Health Reform,  Pamela Hyde, Administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Stephanie Valencia, Special Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.  They discussed the mental health benefits in the Affordable Care Act.  Many other SAMHSA senior staff and presidential appointees were present at the briefing.

Two tools will be available to help people understand their options and apply for health insurance coverage, (opening in a few weeks) and  Built into the plan are tax credits that will make insurance more affordable and it will include preventive services like depression screenings and behavioral assessments for children at no additional cost.  Information is available in 150 languages and the health care application is 3 pages long.



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