Parenting Tips

1.      Perceptions of parenting

It is not hard to get people to recognize the importance of parenting, yet people’s assumptions about what effective parenting
Involves frequently do not align with the knowledge of those who study parenting. In recent years, drawing upon a significant body of evidence, experts in the field have developed an understanding of what effective parenting requires and how it can best be supported. Our research shows, however, that much of this knowledge remains inaccessible to the general public

2.      How Can We Liberate Parents from Guilt?
Pressure, and, for the first time, stress levels among youth have eclipsed those of adults—something parents, too, are frequently blamed for in the media. Pressure on families to parent in a certain way has always existed, but the form the advice takes changes with the prevailing zeitgeist. These days, “intensive parenting,” “natural parenting,” and “attachment parenting” are generating a lot of attention and controversy. Intensive parenting is just what it sounds like: parent activities that are highly involved yet feel consuming—either because parents lack the support they need to work and raise children, or because parents overreach toward an idealized vision of themselves or their children. Natural parenting is a wide collection of practices that promote “living and parenting responsively and consciously.” And attachment parenting prioritizes the development of an empathic and trusting bond with an infant.

3.      A randomized controlled trial evaluating a parenting program designed specifically for grandparents
• Grandparents provide significant amounts of child care to grandchildren.
• A randomized controlled trial evaluated the efficacy of a program for grandparents.
• Strategies focused on parenting, the grandparent–parent relationship, and coping.
• Program reduced grandparent and parent reported child behavior problems.
• Program improved grandparent–parent relationship and grandparent mental health.

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