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What is System of Care?

System of Care is a nationally recognized framework for organizing and coordinating services and resources into a comprehensive and interconnected network. Its goal is to work in partnership with individuals and families who need services or resources from multiple human service agencies to be safe and successful at home, in school, and in the community, and through this assistance, make the community a better place to live. System of Care builds on individual and community strengths, and makes the most of existing resources to help children and their families achieve better outcomes.

System of Care Values:

  • Interagency Collaboration
  • Individualized Strengths-based Care
  • Cultural Competence
  • Accountability to Results
  • Child and Family Partnership
  • Community-based Services & Supports

System of Care in North Carolina

System of Care at the State Level – NC Collaborative for Children, Youth and Families

The State Collaborative provides a forum for the discussion of System of Care development and issues regarding how agencies, community partners, and families can work together to produce better outcomes for children and families. It is a place where decision makers from agencies and community partners, along with family members can come to work collaboratively to better meet the needs of children and families. It includes representatives of a range of state and local agencies, community partners, private providers, families and advocates. The State Collaborative develops recommendations to promote the coordination of services, funding, training, and local reporting requirements to eliminate duplication and make the system more child and family friendly. In addition, it provides support for Community Collaborative groups and Child and Family Teams.

System of Care in the Community – Local Collaborative

On a local level you can find multiple problem solving groups that are working together with families to achieve safety, permanence and wellbeing for children. Some examples of these groups are Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils (JCPC), Community Child Protection Teams (CCPT), local Community Collaborative, and Local Child and Family Team Advisory Committees.

System of Care for Families – Child and Family Teams

On an individual/family level you can find SOC in practice through Child and Family Teams. A group of persons (professionals, family members, friends and community supports) selected by the family to assist them in developing a plan to address the significant issues in their family. This group can be called together as needed, by the family or anyone involved with the family.

System of Care is the vehicle to achieve safety, permanence, and wellbeing for children and families in North Carolina, from legislation, to state and local collaborative groups, to Child and Family Teams. Collaborative work is being done to ensure that children are successful in their homes, in school and in their communities. You are an important part of System of Care! For more information about SOC or how you can be involved, please contact the NC Collaborative Co-chairs Libby Jones and Rebecca Wells at

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