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Why is family partnership so Important?

Family partnerships are not only key to a functioning SOC but also fully supported by the North Carolina Collaborative for Children and Families. The goal of System of Care is to help families help their children succeed at home, in school, and in the community. In North Carolina and nation-wide, System of Care is considered the best way of planning, developing and delivering services and support for children and their families. Because children are not little adults, their services must be planned and delivered in ways that fully involve their families, peer groups, neighborhoods, schools and community.

The North Carolina State Collaborative is a collaborative of family members, public and private child and family serving agencies and community partners that work as an equal team.

Family Partnership at all Levels

For a SOC to be successful, family partnership must take place at every level of decision making. Collaboration and partnership between families and service providers is the thread that links successful programs, policies and practices.

At present, three NC Families United members regularly attend the State Collaborative meetings. One of the family members is the Co-Chair of the State Collaborative and the others are leaders in the Work Groups. Family members are consistently co-facilitators at local and statewide SOC trainings or presentations. In addition, several family members chair or co-chair their local community collaboratives.

North Carolina’s System of Care is fundamentally changing the relationship between families and the service system at every level. Parents now provide services, act as advocates for change, mentor other families, shape programs, create policies and carry out public service agendas. Parents and professionals working collaboratively as partners are now recognized as a best practice. These collaborative partnerships have resulted in measurable and direct positive benefits for families, children and providers.

North Carolina Families United

NC Families United is a family support and advocacy organization. It’s mission is to:

  • Link families to State and community partners for the purpose of improving the lives of children, youth, and families with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs;
  • Focus active attention on the unique strengths and needs of these children and their families by educating and advising policy makers, service providers, other advocacy organizations;
  • Actively promote policies and procedures that serve the best interests of these children, youth, and their families through work with State and local officials;
  • Actively promote, model and adhere to the values and principles of System of Care.

For more information please visit the NC Collaborative website.

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