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North Carolinians in need of mental health support now have more places to call — and soon will have more places to go — for help. The state health department is investing more money in a greater array of mental health crisis services, including those run by peer support specialists. 


Tez Walker's journey from uncertainty to triumph is the epitome of perseverance and resilience! Enrolling at North Carolina in January as a transfer from Kent State, Tez embarked on a new chapter in pursuit of his football dreams. But in the days leading up to UNC's Week 1 showdown against South Carolina, his fate hung in the balance as he awaited news on his eligibility for the 2023 season. Facing the complexities of NCAA policies for multi-transfer players, Tez found himself in a waiting game, submitting a waiver to play immediately for the Tar Heels. His decision to move closer to his family, especially his ailing grandmother, fueled his determination to fight for his rightful place on the field. While many anticipated a swift approval, the initial denial was a heartbreaking setback. However, Tez refused to let adversity defeat him. With unwavering support from UNC and the sports community rallying behind him, he persevered. Through relentless lobbying and unwavering determination, Tez's eligibility was ultimately granted, paving the way for him to showcase his talents on the gridiron once again. And now, as the 113th pick for the Ravens, Tez stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the triumph of the human spirit. His journey from uncertainty to NFL draft pick is a source of inspiration for all who face adversity on their path to greatness. Let's cheer on Tez Walker as he continues to defy the odds and leave his mark on the football world! #TezTriumphs #NFLBound #NeverGiveUp


  FRANKLIN, North Carolina (WLOS) — For the second year, a young girl organized a youth mental health rally in Franklin — and this year, the she attracted the likes of the state’s top health official as the keynote speaker.

Gracie Parker, age 11, led the Why Not Us? Rally Sunday, April 28, in Franklin, with keynote speaker Kody Kinsley, secretary for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Gracie’s mother passed away due to substance abuse when Gracie was a baby, and since the age of five, Gracie has been advocating for particularly elementary-aged children facing trauma and mental health struggles.

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