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In 1996, several researchers, and practitioners developed the Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education and Work (RENEW) as the model for a three-year RSA-funded demonstration project for youth with severe emotional/behavioral health issues. The project showed promising result for youth who typically have very poor post-school outcomes. Positive outcomes included high school completion, grade promotion, attendance, and credit accumulation, work experience, and career-related post-secondary activities. In addition, through self-reported measures of activities and satisfaction, students realized enhanced community functioning and participation. Offer RENEW Transition Mentoring Services to young adults ages 14-26 who are struggling with mental illness or who have co-occurring disabilities in planning for life as:

  • an adult by facilitating a more comprehensive approach to transition that adheres to System of Care;

  • Provide oversight to the planning and implementation of the Annual Seven-Session Youth Leadership Development Series and the statewide implementation of Youth M.O.V.E. North Carolina;

  • Engage cross-system agencies, youth and their family members in an interactive workshop called Transition Ready which examines how services change for emerging young adults who struggle with mental wellness issues, particularly when transitioning from child to adult mental health services.

What RENEW is, What RENEW is NOT:

RENEW is…. based on the philosophy that all youth can succeed with the proper supports treatments and services. The RENEW model elements are consistent with the research that shows that students who build protective factors engage in fewer problematic behaviors (Costa & Jessor, 1999).

RENEW can be an important practice that meets the needs of individuals in a wide variety of service contexts such as: 

  • Community Mental Health Providers

  • School Counseling & Special Education

  • Vocational Programs

  • Housing Support Programs

  • Juvenile Justice Services


  • A clinical mental health or medical service

  • A counseling service

  • Vocational rehabilitation service

  • A school or classroom program

Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Support, Education & Work (RENEW) Transition Mentoring Service – Referral Form

Referral Guidelines:

1. To refer a youth/young adult for RENEW transition mentoring services through North Carolina Families United, please contact Mary Lloyd at 
2. Mentoring services are offered to youth (ages 14-26) that may: be struggling with mental health diagnosis such as: ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, or trauma-based experience that has led to mental health issues, have broken family ties, have been suspended or dropped out of school, have a history of drug abuse, be a victim of abuse or some kind of traumatic experience that has changed their life, have a family member that is eligible or receives mental health services.
3. Transition activities include: Providing 1-3 hours (per week) of intensive mentoring with our Program Director, developing a transition plan for each youth that adheres to the values and principals of System of Care, and involving youth and their families in transition-related learning opportunities that relate to person-centered transition planning.

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